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Bio-Shock provides an assessment of your spaces and air quality.
The assessment will enable us to develop a plan to get your air quality to excellent and keep it that way, reduce daily cleaning and disinfection efforts, be a non-toxic solution and cut costs while exponentially improving disinfection and 90 day protection with our antimicrobial protectant. Protect your family, employees and clients from developing illnesses due to the flu, the common cold, and coronaviruses with Bio-Shock.

Improving your health, wellness and peace of mind with air and surface sanitization solutions.

Superior indoor air quality starts here
Relief for allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, cognitive deficits, COPD and cancers at home begins and ends with Bio-Shock.

Our assessment arsenal:

clean air
  • Full spectrum indoor air quality testing

  • Current cleaners and disinfectants used

  • HVAC systems and air filters

  • High touch locations

  • Preventative measures

  • ATP testing

  • CO & CO2 testing

  • Moisture testing

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Radon testing... coming soon

clean air
clean air home
clean air business
  • #1 Technology for the Air and Surfaces

  • Chemical-free / 100% Organic

  • Serving OH, IN and MI

  • Commercial, Institutional and Residential

  • Fast, Very Effective and Guaranteed

  • Immediate Re-entry for All Services

Bio-Shock adheres to CDC, EPA and Ohio regulations and recommendations to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria. We continually educate ourselves on the best practices for cleaning, disinfection and protection, as well as the most effective products available on the market. Oxygen and water molecules are the only residuals of our process. We can verify results with ATP testing and can provide Indoor Air Quality testing at your request.​

indoor air quality
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