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Do you have moisture and mold intrusion issues?


What You Get When You Choose Bio-Shock for your mold remediation:

  • At Bio-Shock, we offer a cutting edge mold remediation method that will have your property free of the mold hazard in 24 hours.

  • The most affordable mold remediation service you will find. Non-invasive mold removal services. 

  • Friendly customer service helping you make the right decision for you, your family and your home!

  • Your property WILL PASS A MOLD TEST after Bio-Shock's treatment!!!

The Technique:

  • Bio-Shock utilizes BiO₃VHP technology. BiO₃VHP is a dense, vaporous cloud that gently floats our non-toxic, solution to all the surfaces and air spaces in the treated area.

  • The BiO₃VHP solution works all the way down through the root system and the mycotoxins that they create will be neutralized, WE GUARANTEE IT.

  • BiO3VHP will absolutely inactivate mold spores and Goldshield will keep them away.

Our indoor air quality testing reveals spores in the air.

Moisture sensors, thermal imaging and other methods are used in checking the environment for probability.

When do I need a mold inspection?

  • Visible mold growth is discovered

  • A musty odor is smelled

  • Building materials have been wet for several days

  • Water stains are found

  • An occupant has been diagnosed with mold allergies and they experience allergies within the space

  • Someone with a past history of mold or moisture problems will occupy the space

  • Condensation is regularly found on cold surfaces

  • There is a real estate transaction involving someone sensitive to mold

  • A home inspector has flagged moisture and mold problems

  • The air inside an office building feels and smells damp

  • A basement or below-grade floor has flooded or experienced seepage

IAQ testing benefits with mold:

Helps develop a proper scope of work and/or remediation strategy.

Identifies the concentration of mold spores in a room.

Can be used in real estate transactions or as part of a complete home inspection.

Please note that in order to make sure that your mold hazard does not return, you must remedy the source of moisture. Bio-Shock does not solve the moisture source problem but will make recommendations. Mold remediation centers on all actions taken to combat mold infestation and, at the minimum, return mold level to the point that is not dangerous to the health of inhabitants and the building's structure.

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